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Computer Repairs

Repairing your computer is not always thought of as feasible these days as many computers are made to a price, assuming that the cost of repair will either be more than a replacement computer or simply not cost effective is not always correct.Sometimes Cracked Computer Screen Repair, and many repairers will just tell people they need a new one without diagnosing the machine properly.

At tech aid we make it worth your time to drop the machine in:

  • Diagnosing your computer –  normally completed withing a couple hours and we will discuss repair options with you.
  • Sometimes you have to solve the problem first! Where we actually solve the issue during the diagnostic and so don’t need to quote for repair, in these cases the repair/service costs are usually under $100.
  • Making sure your happy!  Our reputation is how we keep going as a business, So its important to us that we complete any service or repair to your requirements.  Help us by letting us know all issues and if you find something afterwards let us know so we can make it right.
  • The majority of repairs are under $200 with required part, which makes repairing your machine usually well worth it, especially if you have important files stored on the machine.

Some common issues!
Well from replacing power sockets or an LED/LCD screen in your laptop, to fixing your email settings.
You will find Tech Aid offers a wide range of services to meet and complete your IT needs!


Broken screens, computer or laptop will not boot, Just get a Black screen or ‘no signal’, computer runs slow or does not respond quickly, freezes or crashes during use, coloured lines across screen or screen distortion, keyboard or mouse not working, usb ports not responding,

Not Powering ON – Sometimes a computer just wont respond at all when you try turning it on.  This could be a power-supply power switch or Motherboard Issue.

Beeping – Just beeping when you turn it on, this is memory motherboard or video card related.  We can quickly identify these issues and get you going fast.

Clean and service?

It is good to get your computer serviced at least once a year!
We usually do these scheduled service/cleans when the antivirus subscription is due (We Supply and Help install most major Antivirus Programs).
We can then update that for you at the same time.

Making sure the computer or laptop is clean and all parts working correctly can prevent the computer crashing or power supply’s blowing.
Preventative maintenance will also keep your computer going faster and prevent data loss.

Don’t forget to ask us to check on your backup!

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Our Main Support Areas!

As we are located in Moffat Beach our service area is mainly in the 4551 postcode.  So if your looking for – Computer repair in caloundra, Moffat Beach, Currimundi, Dicky Beach, Shelly Beach, Battery Hill, Golden Beach, Pelican Waters! and your PC / Laptop is running slow or simply will not start – give us a call or drop in and see us  Ph 0754 919 998