Backup and Data Recovery

The importance of backing up your files can not be understated.  Whether you use a Mac or a PC backing up your data is vitally important.

The idea behind a backup is to have a second copy of your documents – pictures – photos – bookkeeping files and any other data that you wouldn’t want to lose.

Should your machine stop working, get stolen, or have a power surge, etc you will need a way of recovering those files.

Common Backup Options

Cloud Backup or Storage – This may be using a cloud backup process like AVG Cloud backup or simply storing files in Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.
Backup Drives – External or internal backup drives, network-connected backup drives, NASRaid, and Clone.  These usually involve using multiple hard drives to create extra redundancy for your data, common practice in server environments.
Backup to Disks and Tapes – These options are becoming less common, although burning your pictures to a DVD if you have the time can be a great way to ensure that second copy.

Always Have 2 copies – If you run out of space on your laptop or want to sell your machine, make sure you have your pictures and documents in more than one place, i.e. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” meaning backup to an external hard drive and dvd or cloud.  If something goes wrong with one backup you want to be able to retrieve it from another source.


However, no backup system is foolproof and it may require a little thought or practice to make sure that your data is being backed up properly.
We frequently come across people who have brought in their backup drive only to find that their backup wasn’t taking place at all.

It is highly recommended to check your backup process periodically to ensure your files are secure.
If you would like help with this process call us and arrange a remote support / in-store or onsite evaluation of your backup.

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