Virus Removal Tune Up Service

Virus Removal Tune Up Service


One of our most common services are Virus and Infections Removal from both home and business computers, while performing a Tune up / Service at the same time.
Whether they be Virus’s Spyware or Malware we will deal with it promptly and get you up and going again.

We provide a PC Tune-Up Service usually at the same time to help improve the computers speed and performance as this is usually affected by the infections.

Symptoms of Infected computer can include: Slow to load windows, Slow performance in Windows.  Lots of Pop up advertising.
You will also commonly get messages making demands to follow certain steps or call a specific number.

Another aspect can be related to the health of the computer, has it had a good physical clean? Salt dirt and dust can over time cause major problems and like your car a service once or twice a year can help prevent these issues.

Spyware, malware, and toolbars are used by companies to track your browsing habits and send information back, which leads to further targeted advertisements, more popups, and chewing up your bandwidth without you knowing.


Spyware, malware and pop-up ads removal


Viruses can allow back-door access into your computer and files, allow the theft of personal and banking information, identity fraud, and in cases, hackers can lock you out of your own system until you pay a ransom release fee.

A slow boot-up process and a sluggish performance can also be symptoms of excess programs, settings and files left behind over the years, clogging up windows.
General uninstalling of programs can leave trace files and settings behind, and is not always sufficient, Call now and get your computer booked in.


Our virus removal and tune-up service includes:


Detailed scan and remove viruses and other infections
Remove spyware and unwanted toolbars
HDD scan for physical errors
Speed up your computers boot time
Get rid of unnecessary background processes
Physical clean of inside your system & dust removal

These jobs are usually completed within the same day and range in cost from $70 – $120

To allow us thorough time to complete several detailed scans, it’s always good to leave the machine with us for the day if possible.